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Please Note: ‍‍‍Members must register with the same email they use for their PayPal account. Currently, all membership benefits are only available at iFLY VA Beach, the US National Training Center and SkyVenture New Hampshire. Additional updates of participating tunnels will be added. Members will receive online credentials through SIG.MA. An email will be sent to newly registered members within two weeks of registration, with information on how to claim their online merit. If you are under the age of 15 your parents or legal/guardian must put in their email address when signing up for memberships. If you are 15 years or older but under the age of 18, you must have your parents permission to use your email address when registering for USIS membership. Note: Email address used for USIS registration and Paypal information must be the same.

For $1000 gain lifetime access to all USIS events and benefits, and show your support and commitment to the sport of Indoor skydiving in the US.

  • All Athlete and Non-Athlete Membership benefits ‍
  • No annual renewal fees
  • SIGMA electronic membership card
  • More Benefits as we grow

Lifetime Membership

One-Time Membership Fee: $1,000


The Founder membership will be awarded to the first 250 members to sign up for a lifetime membership. Provides all the same benefits as a lifetime membership at the same price, and also includes even more benefits.

  • USIS serialized founders coin
  • USIS ball cap and t-shirt
  • Founding member certificate
  • Lifetime Membership
  • USIS cookie G3 helmet tunnel side plates
  • No additional fees to maintain your membership
  • SIGMA electronic membership card

Founder's Membership

One-Time Membership Fee: $1‍‍,‍000


Now you can join as a non-athlete. Get the first general membership that's now available from the US Indoor Skydiving.

  • 10% O‍‍FF (All First Time Flyer Packages (E‍‍very Time)
  • Inside News & Updates
  • More Benefits as we grow

General Membership ‍‍

Annual Membership Fee: $20‍


All athletes who wish to participate in USIS competitions and events, must have a USIS Athlete Membership.

  • All Non-Athlete Membership benefits
  • 15% OFF (Retail Hourly Flight Time Rate)
  • Eligible to participate in all USIS competitions and events
  • SIGMA electronic membership card
  • More Benefits as we grow

Athlete Membership

Annual Membership Fee: $35



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